Polymoist-PS Cream Botox in a Bottle

December 19th, 2012 | Posted by Martin Gram in Skin Care

DermaScoop Anti Aging in a JarThe results you will get from Polymoist-PS and a skin care cream like DermaScoop are very close to the results you would get from doing a Botox, but without the expensive price tag and without undergoing any of the potential risks and side effects.

Polymois-PS also referred to as a “Facelift in a jar” is one of the newest advanced treatments available on the skin care market and quite different to what we have seen earlier.

Where most anti wrinkle creams are based om Retinol together with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals which are able to effectively smoothen your skin on the surface, DermaScoop and Polymoist-PS complex takes it a couple of steps further. It will penetrate deeper into the skin and increase the amounts of moisture and collagen necessary to renew skin cells and to repair broken skin.

When that happens it will also increase the effectiveness of other ingredients so they become more active in the deeper layers of your skin.

When we get older, are living an unhealthy life style our natural production of collagen and moisture necessary for the skin cells decreases so it becomes much easier for wrinkles and fine lines to appear.

For a limited period of time and only if you are living in the United States you can try out Polymoist-PS for yourself and feel all the benefits on your own body. All you have to do is to click on the link below.

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For people coming internationally can for a limited time get a free trial of PurEssance which is just like Polymoist-PS carrying the same abilities and benefits. Click here to learn more.

Start to Look 20 Years Younger

When using Polymoist 2 times daily, preferable in the morning right after a shower and in the evening before bedtime you will start to see good results in as little as 7 days and the results will keep to improve over time.

DermaScoop and Polymoist-PS complex also carries an “instant face lift” effect because of its skin tightening abilities that can be seen shortly after it is administered to the skin.

Does Polymoist-PS Work?

Polymoist-PS is a powerful peptide which primarily add a huge amount of moisture and collagen into the skin, but also carries other benefits to the skin that will remove wrinkles, fine lines and baggy sacks under the eyes.

All this may sound to good to be true but several studies has been done with Polymoist-PS and all with positive test results that showed an improvement in the removal of fine lines and wrinkles using Polymoist-PS over a certain time frame.

But one thing is scientifically tests and doctors saying that this treatment do work another thing is what are the real users saying? if you spend some time surfing around the internet for reviews and testimonials you will find that this product is well received with a high costumer satisfaction.

Using DermaScoop with Polymoist-PS you will in a safe manner be able to increase reduce up to 42% more wrinkles than with other skin care creams on the market.

Polymoist-PS and DermaScoop Before and After

As we mentioned earlier several tests involving Polymoist has be done on a scientifically level.

Below you can see a set of pictures done from a 14 day trial using DermaScoop with Polymoist-PS. This is an indication of what an average American woman can expect using this type of cream on a regular basis within 14 days.

Full Profile Before and After

As you can see a large part of the wrinkles and fine lines has disappeared with the result of a much younger and smooth look.

This has been done by using DermaScoop 2 timer per day first time in the morning right after shower where the skin is still warm and therefore more receivable and in the evening right before bed time so your skin cells have something to work with during the night.

If you want to know more about Polymoist-PS and more details on the trial click here.

Trial of DermaScoop with Polymoist-PS available

If you are curious about knowing more about Polymoist-PS and what benefits it will give you why not try it out for yourself and start to look 20 years younger.

For a limited period of time you can get yourself a risk free trial of DermaScoop that contains the full Polymoist-PS complex. All you need to do is to click on the link below to get started.

>>> Click Here to Get Your Free Trial of Polymoist-PS and DermaScoop <<<

DermaScoop anti aging and wrinkle in a jar.

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