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Looking for information on Testofen and whether it can help you increase your testosterone levels naturally or not? Then you have come to the right side because here we are going to take a closer look at exactly what is Testofen and how it can help you to increase your testosterone levels naturally so you will improve stamina, muscle development, sexual performance and overall well being.

Testoril and Fenugreek- Best Testofen Supplement

Before we get started to take a closer look on Testofen Fenugreek we want you to know that there is a supplement named Testoril which is an all natural male enhancement supplement containing Testofen, right now for a short period of time they are offering a free trial for everyone who wants to try out Testofen and feel all the benefits on their own body.

It is very important to stress out that Testoril is a serious male enhancement product and not one of these “get 30 inch over night” products with a lot of golden promises.

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 Testoril Testofen formula


What is Testofen™?

Testofen derives from Fenugreek seeds (Trigonella Foenum Graecum) and extract also called  and was first widely used to improve lactation in women, but new scientifically discoveries have shown that Testofen and Fenugreek extract carries several other  benefits such as promoting health and the ability to increase men’s testosterone production as well in a natural way.

The Testofen Fenugreek herb contains more than 100 different phytochemical constituents and with a high amount of two of the most important ones, Saponins and Steriodal Saponins that has a direct impact on men’s natural testosterone production.

Testofen is not a steroid product or an illegal substance used by bodybuilders to pack on some muscle mass in a short period of time but a natural herb that by increasing your testosterone levels will bring your libido and stamina back in order and not only increase your sexual performance but also help you to avoid conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Testofen will also help you to improve your overall health by keeping your muscle mass intact which is essential for you to avoid getting any body fat that will make you gain fat. The more muscle mass you as a man have on your body the less body fat are you likely to have because muscle mass burns more calories than any other body part.

Testofen and Scientifically Studies

An earlier critic of Testofen stated that it was impossible to prove any positive results using this compound as a testosterone booster because all studies was made on animal only but within the last couple of years clinical studies with Testofen and Fenugreek tested on humans has been performed widely as well, and most of them with a positive outcome.

The Australian Study

Back in 2009 in Australia, 60 healthy adult males did a clinical controlled study where they took Testofen as the main ingredient together with Zinc, Vitamins and Minerals for a period of 6 weeks and after the trial they were hold up against a placebo group. The study result of the study did show a signicant improvement of sexual function and performance following this treatment with Testofen with the results starting to show all ready after 3 weeks. External link to the Australian Testofen study can be found on this link (opens in a new window)


Testofen Helps to Get rid of Body Fat

Another Study done earlier by the Gencorpacific took one step further to test if testosterone levels raised by Testofen could have a positive impact on men’s body composition such as muscle mass and body fat.

30 males between 18 and 35 years of age were 300 mg of Testofen twice a day for a period of 1 month and performed a workout routine in the same period. The results were hold up against a placebo group as well.

When it comes to testosterone levels the group experienced a significant increase of an average of 17.76 pg/ml to 35.29 pg/ml which is a total increase of more than 98%. The placebo group that did the same workout routine but with Testofen did not experience any increase at all in their testosterone levels in the same period.

When it comes to body composition the group did not lose any weight in that month, which is normal for young healthy men because the gain weight by packing on some muscle mass. However when we measured their fat levels according to their skin fold thickness on triceps and thighs they experienced a decrease in fat levels from 7.48 mm to 5.97 on triceps and from 9.83 mm to 8.39 mm on thighs which is an average reduction of between 14 and 20%. You can find the Gencorpacific Testofen report on this link (opens in a new window)

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Why is Testofen, Testosterone Levels and a Supplement Like Testoril Important to You?

When we reach the age of 25% our natural testosterone levels and production starts to decrease between 1 and 2% per year. This means that many of the things we took for granted as men like our sex drive, muscle mass development and other male capabilities will start to slow down and we can risk getting issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction that can give us problems with our partners and is worse case leads us towards total isolation for having partners and a normal sex life.

Recent studies have shown that more than 63% of all men more than 25 years of age are suffering from some sort of small penis syndrome, that can make us feel down as a man, give us problems with partners and have a huge impact on our self esteem.

But low testosterone levels can make it even more worse than that because it will lower our energy levels, stamina and can lead to obesity because we do not have enough muscle mass available to burn that amount of calories needed to avoid fat getting stored on our stomach.

The good news is today there is an easy solution to this problem, a solution that can make us keep and maintain healthy testosterone level simply by using a supplement like Testoril that contains the right amount of Testofen to really make a difference.

Benefits Using Testoril

Using a supplement like Testoril male enhancement containing Testofen will give you a lot of benefits that goes beyond what we have discussed in this article and that will improve your self esteem and your sex life.

  • Improve your overall health and well being
  • Improved muscle mass and strength
  • Maintain and improve bone mass structure
  • Increased libido and stamina
  • Increase sperm production
  • Better overall sexual health
  • Improved health of reproductive tissue
  • Better physical energy
  • Aid you with a younger appearance with less wrinkles and age spots
  • Boost your metabolism to burn more body fat
  • Firm and smooth skin
  • Better hair health
  • Increased lean body mass

What are others saying about Testofen and the Supplement Testoril?

Testoril has a high rate of costumer satisfaction from men of all ages here are what some of them have to say.

Mark C Testimonial
Testoril Endorsed by Champions Tour Winner
Mark Calcavecchia
Former British Open Champion

“Testoril is simply the best testosterone booster. I love it!”

Trent W Testimonial

Trent WProfessor

“2 years ago, when I turned 50, I became tired all the time, no desire for sex and that effected me negatively in all he areas of my life. After 90 days of Testoril™ I am like the 21 year old in College and our marriage is better than ever. Thanks Testoril™ !”

Stephen B Testimonial

Stephen BInvestor, Real Estate Business

“I have tried all of the other products out there and nothing came close to the effectiveness of Testoril. It does exactly what it says it will do. It has literally changed my life and my marriage. I couldn’t be happier!”

The Testoril with Testofen Free Trial

If you are interested in learning more about all the benefits using Testofen to boost your natural testosterone levels and get all the benefits then you should opt in on the special trial from Testoril that are so confident in their product that they for a limited period of time have released a limited number of free trials so those who are interested can try out and feel all the benefits using Testofen derived from Fenugreek on their own body and get started to boosted their testosterone levels for a healthier life.

If interested all you have to do is to click on the link below to claim your risk free trial:

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Testofen Trial


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